The secure AI to turn your data into knowledge

Meet the AI platform which helps enterprises extract, process and distill knowledge and provide laser-focused answers, without disclosing IP and data to third-parties.

Your data, your LLM.

back-office platform

Conversations Management and Analytics

  • Automagically label conversations using fine-tuned ML models
  • Live social media and web sentiment analysis to monitor
  • Efficient conversations’ real-time monitoring with summarized transcripts and context

user-facing solutions

Conversational Agent

  • Multi-channel. Directly write to an Intelligent Chatbot using: live chats, ticketing systems, integrated bots in messaging services, voice calls (helpdesks, call centers…)
  • Multimodal. Upload files, pictures, documents’ scan to analyze, understand and summarize information; ask for summaries, analytics and insights
  • Tailor-made and personalized. Trained on your data, history and preferences, the Assistant always give coherent, contextual and solid answers

Rationale Family

Discover our family of solutions


Collect, analyze, and consolidate disorganized and scattered data into fluent and actionable information.


Helps your team deliver the best CX with roots in your documentation and customers' data


Offers support to retrieve, elaborate and distill information from your IP and documentation databases.


Elaborate and extract knowledge from any data source

Tailored models

Feed AI database with any data and document about your organization to build your tailored LLM around it.

Improved context

Enhance knowledge and coherence of the platform connecting user data and preferences to optimize and improve the feedbacks.

Generate new value

Leverage the power of synthetic data to accelerate value generation and speed up your products and solutions go to market time.

Seamless and insightful, at your fingertips


Deliver answers immediately to most common questions


Available to your customer and your team with no delay, all-year-round


Engage and help an unlimited number of users in real-time

Why Rationale AI?


Fine-tuned self-hostable models tailored for your business. No data is transferred to third parties.


Clear and source-backed answers. Explainable and step-by-step answers to ensure transparency.


Hallucination-free outputs to maximum reliability. Answers are built upon database information.

For your customers

Provide help and support 24/7

Offer consistent support across channels and let customers resolve issues whenever they want.

Resolve tickets while sleeping: RationaleAI can answer and solve most of the questions of your customers without your intervention.

Create seamless customer experiences

Engage with customer providing personalized information and actions. Support them at every stage of their decision-making process.

Can't remember the last product your customer bought? Never mind, RationaleAI knows.

Receive precise and transparent information

Get reliable answers based on accurate information, receive tips and suggestions based on user preferences, habits and needs.

Don't have the time to check if the information is reliable? You don't have to, RationaleAI always base its answers on your data.

For your team

Scale with low costs

Scale your customer care without increasing your headcount to grow your business without increasing costs.

Again the same questions already in the FAQs? Already answered by RationaleAI.

Boost team productivity

Answer complex questions based on multimodal inputs, let your team focus more on action.

The long reports and docs you should read to find the bit of information you need? It's no longer an issue.

Clear the path of  you decisions

Leverage the power of synthetic data to improve your decision-making, iterate on product strategies and specs, all preserving your data privacy.

Exponentially increase your team productivity offering unprecedented access to quality datasets to inform better decisions and product developments.