Transmute your data assets in new knowledge, values and strategic positioning leveraging the magic of synthetic data.

Rationale Gen harnesses the power of synthetic data and generative AI to unlock hidden potential within your business knowledge.

It transforms existing information into valuable assets like personalized content, product designs, and synthetic data itself. This allows businesses to test product variations, simulate market responses, and develop innovative products all before production.

GEN key features

Generate value from data

Build new value from your datasets generating information, increasing IP assets and accelerating products and strategy development.

Generate automatically new copy to present your services in a glance; test the accuracy of your model using vast synthetic dataset generated on few original an privacy protected data; predict the efficacy of your next product strategy online...


Keep your or your customers proprietary data private and secure leveraging the flexibility and accessibility of high quality synthetic data modeled on your databases.

Synthetic data is cheaper, faster to make, and customizable for businesses. Plus, it protects privacy by mimicking real data without personal info. This makes it ideal for healthcare, mission-critical and other sensitive fields.


Get answers swiftly but with roots: the outputs of GEN are always based on your documentation, IP, database and assets. No risk of hallucination or groundless claims.

For each answer it possible to show exactly from which piece of content the information has been deducted and elaborated. No more guesses or CTRL+F.

Leveraging the power of data to create value

Synthetic data is a game-changer for businesses. Leveraging GEN AI capabilities, produce cost-effective and faster big-data than real data, while still preserving privacy. This allows to create realistic simulations for testing new ideas and improving decision-making, all without compromising sensitive information.

Why Rationale GEN?


Rationale GEN enables you to generate and test new product or service variations quickly and efficiently. This helps you to gauge market receptivity and identify potential issues before investing in production. As a result, you can significantly accelerate your product development and commercialization cycles, giving you a competitive edge.

Data quality

Rationale GEN's synthetic data generation capabilities allow you to create realistic simulations of complex market scenarios and consumer behaviors. This helps you to make more informed decisions about product development, marketing, and other strategic initiatives. By reducing the risks associated with uncertainty, you can boost your chances of success.


Unlike real-world data, synthetic data does not contain any personally identifiable information. This makes it ideal for use in industries where privacy is paramount, such as healthcare and finance. With Rationale GEN, you can innovate responsibly without compromising the privacy of your customers or employees.

What is possible with Rationale

Augmented Content Creation 5

Rationale Knowledge augments your team as an intelligent co-author. It can dynamically generate product descriptions, draft emails and communications, suggest press releases and marketing copy, and provide AI-powered content assistance across domains.

Multi-Modal Intelligence

Go beyond keyword searches. Rationale Knowledge provides in-depth multi-modal analysis of your docs through natural language queries. Ask it to categorize documents or chats, extract specific information, summarize key points, and answer general or nuanced questions.

Scalable Knowledge Acceleration

While assisting on individual documents saves time, Rationale Knowledge exponentially compounds productivity by rapidly processing thousands of documents. What once took years of effort can now be achieved in days, unlocking insights from your collective knowledge at unprecedented scale.

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