The AI platform to scale and accelerate the data-drive processes of enterprises

Rationale Knowledge understands user queries in context. Trained on vast enterprise datasets, the platform uses advanced language models to distill knowledge from various sources, creating informative summaries that guide decision-makers.

This AI solution continuously adapts to your evolving knowledge base using RAG techniques, guaranteeing access to the most recent and relevant information.

KNOWLEDGE key features

Secure, private

KNOWLEDGE, as all Rationale family solutions, is designed to be privacy compliant and secure. No data is transfered abroad or to third parties, keeping your IP and data in your hands.

Need to summarize that 129-page strictly confidential report but have just 10 minutes to do it? Rationale KNOWLEDGE synthesis capability can do it in seconds, without causing a security breach!


Get answers swiftly but with roots: the outputs of KNOWLEDGE are always based on your documentation, IP, database and assets. No risk of hallucination or groundless claims.

For each answer it possible to show exactly from which piece of content the information has been deducted and elaborated. No more guesses or CTRL+F.

Always on-point

Rationale KNOWLEDGE is constantly being updated with new information thanks to advanced RAG technologies, so you can be sure that you are always getting the most accurate and up-to-date information.

New data, product and informations flowing daily and are overwhelming? KNOWLEDGE is always up to date on the news for you.

Fine-tuned on your organization data for your day-to-day business

KNOWLEDGE instantly performs tasks by leveraging your own secure, multilingual data sources - eliminating risks of hallucinations or baseless claims. While powerful out-of-the-box, it can be customized to hyper-focus on advanced, company-specific use cases.

Why Rationale KNOWLEDGE?


Built to match business priorities, KNOWLEDGE meets your organizations security standards, is cloud agnostic, and never shares your data with third parties.

RationaleAI team is certified in ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) to ensure the highest level of security.


Rationale KNOWLEDGE offers practical solutions to most common operative tasks, such as content analysis and summarization, copywriting, dialog with team members or your customers, info extraction and, of course, answering questions.


Rationale AI is a proprietary strategic AI ssset: beyond its powerful capabilities, it becomes the exclusive property of your business once deployed - transforming into a high-value strategic asset.

This AI asset exponentially increases in value over time through continuous model evolution, refinement, and the growing impact on transforming your business processes and decisions.

What is possible with Rationale

Augmented Content Creation 5

Rationale Knowledge augments your team as an intelligent co-author. It can dynamically generate product descriptions, draft emails and communications, suggest press releases and marketing copy, and provide AI-powered content assistance across domains.

Multi-Modal Intelligence

Go beyond keyword searches. Rationale Knowledge provides in-depth multi-modal analysis of your docs through natural language queries. Ask it to categorize documents or chats, extract specific information, summarize key points, and answer general or nuanced questions.

Scalable Knowledge Acceleration

While assisting on individual documents saves time, Rationale Knowledge exponentially compounds productivity by rapidly processing thousands of documents. What once took years of effort can now be achieved in days, unlocking insights from your collective knowledge at unprecedented scale.

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